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Rentroom vs. Rentredi: Property Management Software Comparison

When choosing a property management software tool, making the right decision is crucial. At Rentroom, we are aware that after selecting a software partner, logging in, and inviting tenants, there is a good chance that both you and your company will stick with the chosen product for a considerable amount of time.

We at Rentroom think we have the best product on the market, but we also want to give you the information you need to choose property management software wisely.

Rentredi and Rentroom's benefits and drawbacks will be covered in this brief article. Even though many property management software products will have a similar feature set, there are subtle differences in how the products differ in terms of price, support, onboarding, and other factors.

Rentredi Pros & Cons


  • Cloud-based - access Rentredi from anywhere
  • Modern interface.
  • Mobile app.
  • Simple rent payments for tenants.


  • Completely DIY setup.
  • No true native reporting solution.
  • No ability to communicate with tenants via SMS texting or calling.
  • No QuickBooks Sync.
  • Additional charges for basic reporting/accounting functionality.
  • Limited support.
  • Report of occasional technical problems.
  • No cash payments, even though they advertise otherwise(they use Chime).

Rentroom Pros & Cons


  • Cloud-based, so you can access Rentroom from anywhere.
  • Contemporary interface.
  • Automation from lead to lease.
  • Instant messaging for maintenance. Solve maintenance issues faster.
  • Native integration with QuickBooks.
  • Simple tenant rent payments.
  • A distinct app for tenants.


  • Only able to list to Zillow, Truia, and Hotpads.
  • No trial before buying.
  • No videos on maintenance tickets.

Pricing Comparison


Rentroom starts at $49.99/mo! Furthermore, the company is offering a special where your first month is free(making your first year about ~$45/mo)! Book a demo to see all we offer.

  • Flat pricing - does not scale as you grow.
  • Module-based pricing. Only pay for the features that you need.
  • Free onboarding and product training.


Rentredi starts at $9.99/mo(when paid annually)! However; in this case, cheaper doesn't always mean better. If you are a landlord or PM that is coming to property management software for the first time, chances are you want things to be set-up correctly.

Collecting you rent roll online (tens of thousands of dollars in most cases) means that you'll probably want to talk to a human being first. Rentredi is totally DIY and will not spend much time getting you set up for success.

Rentroom vs. Rentredi Customer Service

A big draw to Rentroom is our ability to support our customers effectively. When you purchase Rentroom, you'll get access to a personal account manager is always available to take a call or answer any questions you may have. We understand that property management software is mission critical! Simply put, we make ourselves available whenever you need help - including Zoom screen shares.

With Rentredi, you'll have no personal point-of-contact and likely be required to use their chatbot or self-help articles to resolve problems. In looking at Software Adive, G2 and other review websites, you'll see that their clients have a tough time getting a hold of them when they need help most. See below for a couple of reviews from the last 12 months that can be found on

"You will GET WHAT YOU PAY for. Support was horrible. They are not well trained, they do NOT call you back. I personally left 3 messages and never got the first phone call back. It has been over a month. They only want to refer you to self help articles. I also did not like that they FORCED you to sign up for their merchant account services. They get paid for this so that is why they FORCE you to do it."

A recent review on March 06, 2022 on says "Horrible Customer Service. 17 days after registering with Rentredi my tenants still cannot make payment on app. Underwritting Dept has yet to return a phone call or reply to online messages."

Summary of Rentroom vs. RentRedi

In terms of basic features, RentRedi is a formidable competitor to Rentroom. While we think they make a good product, we believe aspects of their system are slapped together. Without sound biased, there are several core features where Rentroom outcompetes:

  • Native Integrations: Each integration in Rentroom is directly connected to the destination(QuickBooks, PandaDoc, Twilio, etc.)

  • Communication Center: With Rentroom, you can choose your phone number or port over your existing number. Additionally, every message you send through Rentroom is included. RentRedi doesn't have any communication features.
  • Onboarding & Support: While this is not a product feature, potential buyers can easily overlook onboarding and support. The onboarding process through RentRedi(we've heard) can be hands-off and produce added costs(onboarding fees, fees for adding additional bank accounts, etc.).

    At Rentroom, onboarding is free! We work diligently with our customers to provide the best service and ensure a smooth roll-out across your organization and tenants.

Don't just take our word for it!

[Rentroom] is easy because it was as if they designed the software with me in mind. It couldn't have been any different if I sat there and said this is the software package I need for my property management solutions. And they said, OK, we have this covered for you.

Hello and welcome!

My name is Nick Caucci and I help run the Rentroom blog. Over the years, I have seen and helped many different property managers and owner-operators streamline their daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly workflows.

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