Rentroom for Residential Housing

Property Management Software for Residential Housing

Manage your rental portfolio from anywhere. Rentroom is the perfect solution for single-family, multi-family, condos, apartments, and more.

Why use residential housing property management software?

If you manage single-family, multi-family, condos, and apartments, you'll need to track tenant information, payments, maintenance tickets, etc. You can keep your portfolio growing by automating and optimizing rent collecting, maintenance, accounting, communication, leasing, and other processes. Property management software for residential property will also keep your portfolio filled. Find tenants through marketing websites, screen prospects, and sign leases in a flash.

Reduce Payment Obstacles for Tenants

1-click payments

Get paid faster when you offer Rentroom as a payment option. Payments can be made in one-click or tap.

Rent reminders

Rentroom drastically reduces collection times by sending tenants push notifications when their rent is due.

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Purpose-built features for residential housing

Communicate with tenants at scale

Landlords and property managers can send targeted communications to different segments of their rental portfolio using Rentroom's mass communication features. Get the message out in bulk or send individual messages.

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Track everything

Use Rentroom as your CRM. Keep track of everything as it relates to a tenant or a property. Create custom fields for use in informational reports and mass messaging.

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Flexible lease signing and management

Bring your lease template, and we'll assist you in making it eSignature-compatible. Your leasing template will automatically apply the information from the application!

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Market your listings & screen

Rentroom is directly integrated with Zillow Group, giving your listing the visibility you need to find the best renters. Screen leads instantly for background and credit checks.

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Frequently asked questions

Do tenants get access to a payment portal?

Of course! One of the biggest aspects of Rentroom is creating automation around your residential portfolio. Tenants can access a mobile app or log onto our website to make rent payments and submit maintenance requests.

How does tenant screening work?

Rentroom has partnered with TransUnion/RentPrep to offer background and credit checks. For a nominal fee(paid by the tenant or the landlord), you'll get a full picture of a renter's history.

Does Rentroom have applications?

Yep, you can send prospective renters a direct link to your dedicated application page or embed the application on your website.

Can I store my files in Rentroom?

Yes. With Rentroom, you can get unlimited file storage and share a document with internal and external stakeholders.

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