Maintenance Tickets & Work Orders

Streamlined Maintenance Tickets

Centralize maintenance tickets and related communications. Never lose track of tickets, respond to tenants promptly, and delegate tasks.


fewer on-sight visits on average when using Rentroom's instant messaging features.


saved each month on average with streamlined maintenance.


ability to manage maintenance remotely.

Centralize your maintenance workflows

Triage and organize tickets - manage remotely

Assign tickets with priority, log notes, and track statuses. Organize tickets by customizable categories. New tickets can be opened through Rentroom's tenant app or in your management portal.

Get updated instantly

When a new ticket gets created, stay updated with SMS and/or Email notifications.

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Maintenance management that saves time

Instant messages. Fix issues faster

When a new ticket is created, a chat opens and instant communication begins. Messages are centralized in Rentroom. Gone are the days where messages are coming in through different channels. If you want to get apartment property management software details here you go.

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Assign issues to your team

Delegate tasks to your internal maintenance team. Get tickets to the correct parties for faster fixes. When tickets are assigned, the assignee will get an SMS text with the detail.

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Never lose track

Each interaction is logged into Rentroom automatically. Ticket updates, new messages, etc. are tracked on the tenant/unit level.

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Upload photos, receipts and more to maintenance tickets

Attach photos, receipts or any file to a maintenance ticket. Files will also go into Rentroom's centralized file system for later reference. Very trustful online single family property management software that deals with the best Real - Estate.

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Rentroom makes it possible to have personalized conversations with your tenants using email and SMS text messaging.

Accounting & Reporting

Bookkeeping will be a breeze with the help of our accounting solutions, QuickBooks integration, and easy-to-read reports.


Through a user-friendly tenant interface, Rentroom allows landlords and property managers to collect rent, fees, and security deposits.


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