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Property Management Software in 2022

Property management software is has changed rapidly over the past few years. See this post for the updated market landscape.

Property Management Software Explained

Property management software is comprised of vital tools that can help save time, accelerate growth and ultimately help juice up the bottom line. Historically, software for property managers and landlords have been expensive, cumbersome and out-of-date.

With the introduction of the cloud and SaaS businesses, property management software has seen a boom in adoption and growth. However; that being said, there are a multitude of platforms that don’t necessarily adapt to a businesses needs, scale and budget.

Ultimately, the job of a property manager is to keep owners happy, complete maintenance on-time, process rent, handle leads and leases, etc. These activities are a heavy lift! Rentroom is the all-in-one platform that assist in all of these tasks, while conforming to the needs of property management business, their scale and being friendly towards budgets with flat pricing.  

See the below comparison of Rentroom vs other popular property management software providers.

Adapting to the Needs of Property Management Companies

The property management and landlording business is complex and ever-changing. There are new procedures and best practices being implanted every day across the industry. The importance of having a software partner that understands the landscape is becoming of even greater importance.

With competitive products, their feature set hasn’t seen the same rapid development commensurate to growing changes present in the industry. This is problematic because property managers and landlords are buying software-as-service products. As implied, the “software service” should be adapting with new feature development and releases. Unfortunately, this isn’t the common trend within the space

Rentroom, on the other hand, releases new improvements on a weekly basis. Product updates are often a result of customer feedback, which gets implemented quickly. We see our customers as partners and we give our best effort to create a product and service that adapts to their needs.    

Software budgets

Software can be a costly addition to the laundry list of expenses incurred by managers and landlords. There are typically SaaS subscriptions coupled with additional fees (i.e: sending electronic leases, e-checking, per-user costs, etc). These costs quickly add up - especially when you are a medium to large management company/landlord. Furthermore, with most platforms prices typically scale up based on the number of units/doors you have under management. By growing your business…you essentially get punished.

At Rentroom, we charge a simple flat rate based on the features you need. We have models and plans that are suited for managers and landlords of all sizes (SMB, Mid-market, Enterprise). There are no additional charges to send leases, add additional units, invite members of your staff.

We find this to be a more justified pricing solution. There are plans that fit your budget, there are no additional costs for surprise, and you can grow your business without penalty.


New and easy to use

The usual suspects in the property management software area are Appfolio, RentManager Yardi, and Buildium. These platforms have been around in most instances for over two or three decades. During that time, software has changed.

Simply put, there has been a transition from bulky enterprise software to simpler, more effective solutions. This reality is most apparent in ease of use, design, and global mobility. Take RentManager for example, logging into a remote server to access your information from a windows desktop doesn’t make anyone’s life easier or better.

Rentroom was built in 2019 and has an easy-to-understand design that can be accessed anywhere in the world using a smartphone. You could be onsite at a job or on vacation and have the continuity of information needed to run a successful company. Additionally, if you can use any social media application, GMail, etc. you can easily use Rentroom! We’re that easy!

Additional benefits

Mobile apps for tenants allow rent to be paid faster(3-5x)

Enterprise-level accounting

Bank reconciliations, drill-down reporting, etc

Call, text, and email directly from Rentroom

Amities for tenants

Maintenance ticketing and chat

Automatic late fee enforcement

Awesome support


There are clearly plenty of software companies to choose from; however, there are few that will treat their customers as partners. As a product, Rentroom serves to be feature rich, offer fair pricing and adapt and evolve to the needs of they industry and our customers.

Sign up for Rentroom today, or book a demo with one of our Account Executives.