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How Free Online Listings Can Generate Tenant Leads

Property managers should utilize a variety of free online methods to generate leads.

How Free Online Listings Can Generate Tenant Leads

Property managers and owners can apply varying degrees of involvement in establishing and maintaining their online presence, but it’s generally encouraged to establish somewhat of an online presence to generate tenant leads and fill vacancies. This is possible at no cost through the use of social media, as well as through a few marketplace listing services. 

In today’s world, most current and potential tenants are on Facebook, Instagram, and other similar platforms. Since these platforms use location as a way of bringing relevant content to its community, utilizing online listings results in more exposure to people that are interested in your services. 

There are many more unique ways to attract tenants through social media, but just completing your business profile page alone pays enormous dividends. As a result, potential tenants can find you when searching for property managers in your area. When posting your listings, be sure to (if applicable) provide links to the listing on your website, or to other marketplace listing services you may be using as well. 

Some of the best free platforms to use for listing your vacancies and attracting tenants are:

Facebook:  After creating your profile, there are a few basic steps you can take to optimize a prospective tenant’s experience.

- Posting in Facebook Marketplace will filter results by location and allow tenants looking in your area to see photos and relevant details on your listings, or allow them to contact you.

- Joining Facebook Groups will allow you to share posts to relevant groups pertaining to apartment or housing vacancies in specific regions, college towns, or large cities.

- Setting up a Facebook Messenger Bot will provide you with a way to engage and respond to leads when you may not be available.

Instagram:  Posting your ads while adding a location and using relevant terms and hashtags within the post caption will allow tenants to find your vacancies and view photos of the apartments with ease. 

Free Real Estate Marketplaces:  Free sites like apartments.com, Apartment Finder, and more will connect you with potential tenants actively seeking apartments in your area. When posting these listings, tenants generally have access to more information than you might include on a social media listing, as well as more customizable and targeted search options. Including your contact information and providing a link to your website (if applicable), will provide your leads with more transparency and increase conversions. 

Company Website:  Although not necessary, knowing how to establish and update your website with relevant information for tenants is of paramount importance if you wish to have no trouble in filling vacancies. Frequently updating your website will reflect positively on Google search results as well, making your business more visible online.

Key Takeaways:  Property managers should utilize a variety of free online methods to generate leads. While other methods such as social media & google ads, paid marketplace services, and more can bring your marketing to the next level, the free methods described above are more than enough to gain traction and fill vacancies quickly.